A comparison of the survivor and boot camp by fox network

Share via Email When Waheed Alli and his partner Bob Geldof dreamed up a new gameshow involving an endurance test on an exotic island, they had little idea it would be the start of a reality TV frenzy. But now the producers of Survivor are battling against what they claim is a poor imitation of their hit American show.

A comparison of the survivor and boot camp by fox network

Tune in every Tuesday for the latest look at the upcoming weekend, and then check back on Thursday night for final projections based on actual theatre counts.

The Town Warner Bros. Legend of the Guardians: Either way, opening in hundreds of fewer theaters and having a far more limited audience than The Social Network will leave it a distant second with potential to build upon that opening if word-of-mouth is good.

Just to give you some idea how long this movie has been delayed, the actress playing the young girl in the movie, Jodelle Ferland, is now 30 years old.

No, not really, but it certainly seems like this movie could have been released any time in the last three years, and it could have easily been given a limited release or whatever.

The last two new wide releases, also opening in around 1. Drama Rated PG Tagline: At the age of 19, Harvard computer programmer Mark Zuckerberg Jesse Eisenberg creates a program that allows Harvard students to communicate with each other in new ways.

The good thing about having Timberlake in the movie is that the young women who may be interested in the movie due to the Facebook connections will certainly be just as interested in seeing Timberlake in the movie.

On the other hand, The Social Network is very likely to get nominated for Best Picture by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, and if you ask some, it may in fact be a frontrunner, not that that would have much effect on its opening weekend although with enough writers saying it, the movie might get more older moviegoers than it might have otherwise.

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That sort of awards attention could also help keep it in theaters a lot longer than it normally might and get a big bump in December as awards are announced. The Social Network is likely to follow a similar trajectory, but it should benefit greatly from online networks like Facebook and Twitter as young people who dig the movie will surely tell their friends.

A comparison of the survivor and boot camp by fox network

Why I Should See It: Plus the story of Mark Zuckerberg as depicted in the movie is fascinating stuff indeed.FOX to air 'The Littlest Groom' reality miniseries on February 16 & Just when you thought FOX had sunk about as low as it could go with its new My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance reality prank show, the network has announced plans to air The Littlest Groom, an Average Joe-like two-part reality miniseries in which a vertically-challenged 4'5" man searches for love among women of similar height.

In addition, Trading Spouses was a smash with Adults , scoring a /17 to rank first in the demographic among all shows broadcast during the week ending August 1. The show also was #2 for the week among Adults , with a /14 share, #8 for the week among total viewers, and #2 for the week among teens (behind only Fox's The Simple Life 2: Road Trip).

A comparison of the survivor and boot camp by fox network

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