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In bangladesh perpective how we can

The ethnical minority Muslim communities have been discriminated against in Myanmar Burma since the British colonizers left the area in Myanmar being predominantly a Buddhist country has always seen the minority Muslims as outsiders living in their community.

Even though there are different Muslim communities around Burma, the biggest population of Muslims live in the Rakhine state formerly known as Arkan state alongside the Naf river bordering Bangladesh.

These Rakhine people are known as the Rohingyas. These people are known to be among the most discriminated community in the world. They are denied all forms of basic necessities such as education, health-care, marriage rights In bangladesh perpective how we can even the citizenship of the country they were born in.

They are stateless people living out their entire lives in oppression, trying to find refuge and spending their lives in on the sail searching for neighboring countries to find refuge. The Myanmar government, its military along with the right-wing Buddhist groups alleges that the people living in the Rakhine state are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and are Bangladeshis and they should be driven out of the country.

The Myanmar government also formally denies all allegations against them of systematic killing and arson in the Rakhine state. Yet the results of their actions can be seen right here from Bangladesh, how the villages are burning and mass people are crossing the borders into Bangladesh and other neighboring countries.

Satellite images show Myanmar military burning villages in Rakhine state. Aftermath of Myanmar military systematically eradicating Rohingya Villages. The killings and arson took a drastic up rise with the Rakhine state riots, it was a series of conflicts between sectarian groups of ethnic Buddhists and Muslim Rohingyas in Rakhine where both blamed each other of atrocities.

It began on 8th June,Rohingyas started to protest againtst the sectarian disputes including a gang rape and murder of a Buddhist woman and subsequent killing of ten Burmese Muslims after the Friday prayers and the police responded with violent retaliation and opening fire on the protesters.

Many were killed in the firing in Mungdaw township. State of emergency was declared in Rakhine, allowing military to participate in administration of the region. As of 22 Augustofficially there had been 88 casualties, 57 Muslims and 31 Buddhists.

An estimated 90, people were displaced by the violence. About 2, houses were burned; of those, 1, belonged to Rohingyas and 1, belonged to Rakhine Buddhists.

In bangladesh perpective how we can

Fights broke out again in Octoberresulting in at least 80 deaths, the displacement of more than thousands of people, and the burning of thousands of homes. After that the Rohingyas were not allowed to leave their settlements, officially due to security concerns, and are the subject of a campaign of commercial boycott led by Buddhist monks.

ARSA came as a form of resistance against the military authorities and the opressions.

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ARSA had merely patrolled villages armed with bamboo sticks, making sure that villagers prayed at mosques back then. The International Crisis Group ICG also says the militants have trained abroad and released a report in saying the group was led by Rohingya people living in Saudi Arabia.

In this perpective the ARSA seems to be a group of fighters resisting their oppressors to establish their rights. This might be the case to some extent, however, the methods that they have used to resist the military and the government in general have somewhat been controvertial.

They have carried out numerous attacks against the government, the defence forces and military bases of Myanmar which killed numerous border-police and military officials, the first large scale attack that they perpetuated was on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border police bases back in Again on Julythe Burmese government accused ARSA of murdering 34 to 44 civilians and kidnapping 22 others in reprisal attacks against those ARSA have perceived as government collaborators.

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We'll say -- we'll point to something like that and they'll say, well, look, this is a store. The civilians lived in this building. This is a residential complex.

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