Nivea weaknesses

A marketing plan takes the stated aims and objectives and then puts in place a series of marketing activities to ensure those objectives are achieved.

Nivea weaknesses

Nivea weaknesses on October 4, by carlcea The brand Nivea is widely known worldwide as a brand that sells different kinds of skin care and beauty products. Through the years Nivea has develop a product line that is called Nivea for Men, this product line is obviously sells products that are specialize for the male consumers.

Since introducing the product line Nivea For Men inthe brand Nivea wanted to expand its market to the male Nivea weaknesses and that is the reason why Nivea developed their own marketing plan for their business. A Marketing plan is just similar to a business plan.

Marketing plan sets out how the company will achieve its aims and objectives. Because the aims and objectives of a business or a company informs and also shapes the marketing or business plan. By the time Nivea was developing their marketing plan, Nivea for Men wanted to increase its share of the UK male skincare market.

Nivea For Men wanted to develop a marketing plan because Nivea noticed that it needed to expand its current market and the Nivea For Men product line, because men are willing to buy skin care products that are specialized for the male consumers like what Nivea did with its products.

On developing the marketing plan Nivea Considered and studied the respond of the consumer expectations and external influences because these are the factors that can affect their marketing plan that Nivea is developing in order to improve and expand their products to the market.

The strengths of Nivea For Men was it has strong brand recognition because it is widely popular in the market for selling skin care and beauty products. Nivea also had a strong marketing campaign because it had enough financial base in order to put a good marketing campaign.

Although Nivea had many strengths that can gain more consumers, it also had some weaknesses like if it had the right sales and distribution outlets and also if the product range was still relevant to the target market which are the male consumers.

Nivea had many opportunities in the market. Nivea had increase its sales in the market and Nivea for men wanted a greater share of it, and also men at present are more open to different kinds of facial skin care products, so it means that Nivea For Men can sell more products to their target market of male consumers.

The Threats of Nivea however was that consumers are more knowledgeable and price consciousso Nivea have to do many kind of sales promotions in order to gain their target market. Nivea developed a good marketing strategy in order for their marketing plan to improve more. Nivea also used many kinds of promotion, like using sports like football in order to expand its promotion to the market.

It created a strong brand affinity because Nivea was able to have a consistent connection with the male consumers, because as we know Football is the most popular sport in UK, so it means that many people are watching football games and in those football games Nivea is doing its promotions and advertisement in order to attract and gain consumers in the market.

The last thing that Nivea did for their marketing plan was to evaluate. Because through evaluation Nivea can focus more on improving and introducing new products to the market in order to gain more consumers and achieve its goals and objectives.NIVEA s marketing plan for the relaunch of NIVEA FOR MEN follows closely the outline described here.

women are also an important target market for NIVEA FOR MEN. This takes a detailed look at the internal strengths and weaknesses of the business.1/5(1).

Nivea weaknesses

• Nivea sunscreen soap sun block soap is a new product concept. • Nivea sunscreen soap is not known by many people that are brand name has yet to be established. • Nivea sunscreen soap is facing high competition directly with the soap market And indirectly with the .

Weaknesses in the SWOT analysis of Nivea Competition restricting Nivea’s sale in other segments – Where Nivea is absolutely dominating in the cold cream segment and not allowing others to enter, others are not allowing Nivea to enter in their territory.

While the company’s strength rests on mass-driven Nivea, Beiersdorf should look at increasing the brand’s appeal among the youth.

Eucerin and La Prairie could also benefit from technological innovations aligned with global trends to expand geographical footprint and diversify company revenue streams. This takes a detailed look at the internal strengths and weaknesses of the business, as well as external opportunities and threats in the marketplace.

NIVEA FOR MEN identified several strengths We will write a custom essay sample on Case study Nivea specifically for you. for only $ $/page. Order now. Search. Related Essays. NIVEA FOR MEN As the leading male facial brand, identified several strengths NIVEA FOR MEN needed also to be aware of any weaknesses • NIVEA FOR MEN was the UK market • Was the product range still relevant for S W leading male facial skincare brand* the target audience?

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