Outstanding people of uzbekistan

Different dates are used in written sources and present literature to indicate Hakim at-Termizi's date of birth and death. The same date was written on Hakim at-Termizi's tomb.

Outstanding people of uzbekistan

Gavkharshadbegum - Widow of Shukhrukh, son of Timur, she was temporary governor while raising her son Ulugbek. Kanishka 79 to AD Kushan king who favored cultural and technical development and exchange, as well as religious tolerance.

Under his reign, Buddhism spread from India along the trade routes to China. He established a sponsorship system whereby rich merchants contributed building material for Buddhist sites.

He fostered religious tolerance towards Zoroastrianism and the Nestorians and Manicheans. Khudayar Khan - last Khan of the Kokand khanate. Oldest wife of Amir Temur, patron of the arts, and construction supervisor of several madrassahs, mosques, mausoleums.

Great People of Termez

Siyavush - founder of Bukhara. BC - Queen and leader of the Massagets Skyths. Her victory over the Achemenids King of Medeos was preceded by diplomatic efforts, having urged him to give up his plans for territorial expansion.

Ismail Samanid - created independent Samanid State. Al-Farabi - called "the Second Aristotle".

Outstanding people of uzbekistan

Najmuddin al-Kubra - founder of the Kubrawiya Sufi tariqat. Khan Uzbek - khan under whom the Golden Horde converted to Islam.

Abu al-Khayr - First leader of the Uzbeks to lead them southward. Husayn Bayqara - Timurid ruler. Abdullah Khan II - khan of Bukhara. Shoqan Valikhanov - Kazak intellectual and reformer. Ibray Altynsarin - Kazak intellectual and reformer.

Abay Qunanbayov -Kazak intellectual and reformer.

Outstanding people of uzbekistan

Muhammad Amin-Hoja Muqimi - Uzbek poet. Zakirjan Furqat - Uzbek poet. Sadriddin Aini - Tajik-Uzbek writer. Munawwar Qari - Uzbek Jadid leader. Mir Said Sultan Galiev ? Abdalrauf Fitrat - Uzbek writer./Outstanding people of Great r-bridal.com Ministry of higher and secondary special education of the republic of uzbekistan ministry of health of the republic of uzbekistan SportWorld Uzbekistan Уважаемые дамы и господа!

Uzbekistan a historical meeting point of history and cultures, a place where conquers like Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan to famous explorers like Marco Polo came trough.

Uzbekistan is probably the country with the best preserved relics from the time of the Great Silk Road between Europe and China. Famous People Born in Uzbekistan, Famous Uzbeks, Great Uzbek People, Prominent People from Uzbekistan.

Abdulla Oripov (born March 21, ), Uzbek poet, politician, literary translator, and former head of the Writers' Union of Uzbekistan;. ON THE TOPIC:OUTSTANDING PEOPLE OF UZBEKISTAN MADE BY: MNDT group To`rayev.F.

CHECKED BY: Tursunova. X BUKHARA Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur ( - ) Z.M. Bobur was born in , February 14, in Andijon. He was the fifth generation of Amir Temur. In when Bobur was only 12 years old, he became a ruler.

Uzbekistan; Termez; Great People of Termez; At the same time Abdulfattah Abdullah Baraka who wrote his great Hakim at-Termizi and nazariyyatukhu fil "Al-Hakim at-Termizi and his- Theory thirty years ago, said that al-Hakim Termizi, was born in in Khijri / .

Many Uzbeks in Saudi Arabia adopted the Arabic nisba of their home city in Uzbekistan, such as Al Bukhari from Bukhara, Al Samarqandi from Samarqand, Al Tashkandi from Tashkent, Al Andijani from Andijan, Al Kokandi from Kokand, Al Turkistani from Turkistan.

Notable and famous people from Uzbekistan